All About Me!

It's not all about me...I am on my way to 40, have 3 kids, 2 dogs and a wonderful husband. We got married in November of 2004 and we are a joined family. Brandon is the oldest of the kids; 19, Tyler the middle kid is 15 and Jenna the baby is 13. Brandon lives in his own house, works full time and seems to be loving life. Tyler is a Junior in high school, plays baseball and has started football just this year. He splits his time between us and his mom. Jenna just recently decided to go live with her father. She just started 8th grade.

My husband owns his own company; Arizona Truck Outfitters, and I work for him. Have worked there for the last 11 years.

We have 2 Akitas; Koda and Zilla. Zilla is our hoover...she will eat anything and everything. Whereas Koda is as picky as a 2 year old. He happens to have an immune disease called Pemphigus so we allow a lot of special treatment.