Friday, October 22, 2010

Back To Topic!

Here are a few cards I have made with Guylou's Inimitability digis!

 This is Sylvia-Thanksgiving.

I used SCS sc120 sketch, not sure on the paper...been awhile...but I believe it is from Die Cuts With A View..the fall holiday from a few years ago.


STEM: E01  E79
FENCE: E47  E27
CLOTHING: B97, B95, B93, E29, E39, E79,  E99

SKIN: E11, E00, E0000  R20
HAIR: Y26  E31
This is Olivia and her little dog! I used Cloud9 Design paper Specialty I believe.

I used SCS sc175 sketch.


CLOTHING: V17, V09, BV00, C04, C01, C05, E37, E29
SKIN: E01, E11, E0000, R20
HAIR: E13, E17, E18, E19
DOG: T5, T8, T1

These are just a few of Guylou's digis--check out the store for more. Don't forget to check out the gallery there, as well as PCP and CDAC for more wonderful projects.


Ok so it's not all about crafting...hmmm wait a second I have made scrapbooks about a baseball game so I guess this still counts! I am watching the Texas, New York game 5. Texas is up 3 to 2 in the playoff series. AND THEY ARE WINNING THIS GAME!!!! It is 5 to 1! Anyone who know me knows I am a RED SOX fan and ANYONE who is playing the yankees. Just to see them go down! WAHOO!

WAHOOOOO I made it!

I just have to say I am officially on Guylou's Inimitability Design Team. I am so excited! First because I love her digis and second I am looking forward to using said digis on cards to showcase. If you haven't been to her store, blog or area in either Paper Craft Planet or CDAC you need to. Go ahead I will wait....(background the theme to Jeopardy).... ok see you found some digis you just can't live without..knew you would. I love the new Shoujo style (pronounced Show Joe) stamps. They are soooo fun and hip. HMMMM is that still ok to say? Maybe hip dates me....Will post more later..wish me luck!

Just Stopping In

I haven't had a lot of time to do much crafting this week. I have started a few cards but halfway through I get stumped. It's probably because I have been working all week. One of the guys is off on vacation soooo I am here pretty much all day. No day off. By the time I get home I am too tired to really accomplish something. Hopefully on Sunday I can get cracking. My in laws are coming in to town next week, so not sure how much I will be able to do then.

Not sure how much everyone knows about my situation...I get severe headaches. They have gotten really bad over the last few years. Now mind you my "headaches" can make me violently ill. I don't mean getting sick once or twice, I mean for 6 hours laying on the bathroom floor because to move makes me sick. I would be down for days! They were worse that time of month. I have been to doctor after doctor. Some say it's all in my head...I laugh and say yup it really is. I have had xrays, mri's, cat scans, acupuncture (sp) and chiropractic care. NOTHING helped. I was told by one doctor that I have degenative disc disease in my neck while another said no...that's normal wear and tear on a neck of someone my age. I have had steriod injections, that hurt! And finally last year I had "surgery". In February Dr. Holland went in and inserted a tube into my neck...from there he ran a laser into the nerve about the middle of my skull on the right side and cauterized the nerve. At the end of March they did the same procedure on the left. After it healed enough for me to feel the back of my head with out a burning sensation (6 weeks) it seemed to have stopped the headaches. It lasted about 6 months total. They came back and came back with a vengence. I switched doctors new doctor and his group specialize in lots of stuff but one of them was headaches. Anyway he has a study that I joined...I take a pill for the 7 days after I start my period and keep a diary of what happens...seems to be helping...I still have headaches but they are not as bad. Don't last as long. Just wondering what happens after the study is over in 2 months????

Bad daughter has been having the same thing. Hopefully something can be done that will help both of us! 

Till the next crafty project is finished!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Congrats to my nephew!

My "little nephew" just graduated from culinary school in Florida. I am so proud of him. He had some issues with high school and to be perfectly honest we weren't sure what would happen with him going to culinary school. I mean school is school right? LOL He surprised us all and finished with a's and b's and is working hard to learn as much as he can from the chef he is working under now. Here is the card I made for him. I took a digi of a boutique and changed it up a bit and added a vintage digi of two chefs. As you can see!

OK darn thing did the same as the last cards.  Anyway I added B and J's to  stand for Brandon (my nephew) and Jeremy (his son). Here is the inside.

Till next time!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Add On!

Here's a picture of Jenna now!
This was her school picture
last year!

Just A New Post

I have been MIA lately...been a little depressed. For those of you that know me know my daughter left last October to move in with her father. We haven't seen each other since January when I went to see her in the hospital and she basically dissed me. Found out she is calling her step mother "MOM" and it hurt me bad. Anyway yesterday was her birthday...14 years ago I spent 21 hours in labor to delivery that adorable little girl.
She was a good baby. Hardly cried in the hospital saved that up for home! LOL
Here's the card that I made for her B-Day! I think it turned out pretty good!
OK don't know why this won't go the right way but there is a close up...I messed up and saved my changes instead of saving as is. And on the computer it is showing upright! Me and my computer issues! LOL I messed up on the poem and in the last paragraph I missed the e in precious! Here's the inside...did the sideways thing too! HMMM Oh well. The inside piece of paper is what the whole card looked like with the Kenny K image on top of the diamond cut paper.

I used SMOOCH on the guitar and clear smooch on the hair, top and pants to make it shimmer. I colored with COPICS but can't tell you the colors I use. I start out soooo well with writing them down then by the time I am satisfied the pens are back in their cubbie! On a great note Jenna called me and will be spending a couple of nights at home next week. She will be surprised at her room because I stole one of her shelving units for my room!