Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's A Celebration!

Hopefully you came here from Trina’s blog, if you didn’t you just gotta go back..I listed the order further down in this post!
WOW Guylou’s Inimitability Digistamps has reached 300 members on Crafter's Digital Art Center. How cool is that? To celebrate this milestone we are taking a walk down memory lane. Do you remember the first GI stamp you used? I do. It was Leah. That's her at the top. I made the card for a challenge; my first, and I fell in love with G’s digis. Here are a few of the cards that I have made with these wonderful stamps:

Here's Harlequin he will work for B-day or anything at all card.

Colombine next door is just so fun..she makes you happy.

Suzanne her usually has a gift but I wanted the face only. She looks so happy you can't help but laugh with her.

Louise with her wreath was great for the holidays. I love all the details down to her carring a purse!

BUT my favorite I have to say is……SOPHIE

Don't you just wanna adopt her? She caught me from the first moment I saw her!

Now get outta here and check out the rest of the DT's blogs!
Thank for stopping by.

Here is the order of the hop:
Kim  (you are here)

Make sure you enter your name, email (it won’t be shown), and what your favorite Guylou's Inimitability Digistamp image in the linky on the last stop of the hop! If you do you just may be a winner. Guylou will be choosing a random winner from the entries to win not only their favorite image but this rak as well! Way cool!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I See Red!

I know all of you are at the edge of your seat waiting for the next challenge by Guylou's Inimitability, so without further go along with Valentine’s Day, all you have to do is have red on your card or project.  How easy is that, we’re talking just using a color…no other rhyme or reason, just red.  Most of your cards you use red on anyway for Valentine’s Day so get to it!
The random winner will get not only a digi for winning but will get to be a guest designer and get another digi for that next challenge. How cool is that 2 digis just for entering a card you would have made anyway!
I have to say that I am one of the lucky ones that got to play with one of  Guylous new digis; CUPID. Now when you think cupid you think the little cute cherub with the adorable chubby cheeks; well this is cupid is for all of women out there who like to take charge! Here is what I made with her:

I used metallic watercolors for the actual digi stamp with             copic E00 for the skin. The small strips I made myself                   with different love words.  I really like how she stands out.             

You really should check out everyone on the Design Team cause you know they all came up with something kick.. Also make sure you check out our guest designer; Charlene at: 
You have until the 3rd of February to get this done....but hey the sooner the better. The challenge closes at 10 pm eastern time. Guylou’s Inimitability Blog 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are never easy
and this one's especially hard.
Because you mean so much to us
and this just breaks our hearts.
We have been friends it seems forever
and now you are gone for good.
Heaven is the lucky place
because it's now where you call home.
Goodbye our friend
We will see you again.

On Thursday, January 6th we lost a very good friend, Lou Vukovich. He worked for our company for 16 years, I have known him for 12. He was a good person that passed away way too young. He was very dedicated to his church and to his family. He was not married, he was waiting for the right girl. He was only 43. Tomorrow we are having his funeral services at the church he helped build.

organize it

Papers, pens, and ribbons oh my…where do I put it all and still find it next time?

I am always on the lookout for new and better storage and organization and it can get overwhelming trying to decide what to use and for what. Paper alone can be a hassle, if not stored properly it can get torn or bent up. Have you ever bought something with a specific purpose in mind and you get it home and low and behold it won’t work. You end up accumulating stuff that just sits and sits and sits. Well hopefully some of this will help you find your way out of that mess!
There are so many things out there that you can buy; everything from paper holders to ribbon dispensers that are specific to that item. But I say check around your house, garage sales, and thrift stores see what you can find that you can make work. (works for finding furniture too)
I went to IKEA and bought towel rods in different lengths, as well as some of their hanging bins and baskets. I put some of my large punches on the rods and some of my hand held punches in the baskets. I put my smooch sprays, inks and some of my gel pens in the hanging bins. Here are some pictures…

I think I spent less than $30 on 3 rods, 3 baskets, 4 bins and 4 small glass jars. I thought it was a good deal and all items are useful! I also bought some glass jars, in different sizes, for my loose flowers,  ribbon spools, buttons and beads. I like how all the different colors look on my shelves….

I bought the Jetmax Embellishment Center and Desktop Carousel, I believe they used to be built by Making Memories, not sure. Anyway I bought both at Michaels when they were on sale. I bought the plastic jars and the drawers that go with the center…took out the ribbon rods because it was hard to replace them when I used the whole roll. You have to take off however many if the one in the middle is the one you finished! LOL  I like the plastic jars for brads, clips, eyelets, etc…they are light weight and come in a few different sizes.

I found some art bin cases that I store items in that I have broken down by theme. For instance I have one for dogs, kits, wedding, etc, I also have ones with my vacation stuff in it, pictures of the kids, and so much more! It is so nice to need something for a wedding card or page and viola there it is.
Paper is one of the hardest things in my opinion to store. I started out with it flat, laid in slots in cubes. But unless you are doing just a few sheets you end up pulling out more than you want. Same if you store them straight up in the cubes. Then I tried hanging folders, but that didn’t work for me either. So I went and bought the cropper hopper vertical paper holders (got the value pack 12 x 12) to go on my shelves in my cabinet. I store by color in the large holders and in the small ones I put my specialty papers. Just have to be careful pulling the holders in and out so the ends don’t bend.  I put my smaller paper, again by color, on shelves but not in holders. When I say by color I follow the roy g biv from elementary school! Do you remember that? (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet) Makes it easy to organize!
Now for my copics! I purchased towers from Studio 3 Solutions to hold them all! I know, I know I could have made my own but these are perfect and I took them out of the box and they were ready for action! Here is the site: I love them and they hold a lot!

I had a utensil caddy from Papered Chef, but I gave it away a few years ago. It’s funny how you change how you want things to be arranged and you get rid of it then later on find you wish you hadn’t! Been there, done that several times!
I truly could go on and on but I won’t bore you anymore! LOL I am posting some tips about storage and organization on the tip and tricks page so check that out before you go! Oh just one more thing..yes it’s the last on this post..truly it is! LABEL I mean it label everything. I cannot stress this enough!
Take Care!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Craft Room...ideas

Organized?  Who me? Actually when I look around my craft room I see that everything pretty much has a place to be. Now weather I put stuff back in those places is another story! LOL
OK…where do you craft…do you have a specific area? Or at the dining room table?  I started at the dining room table, went to a corner of my bedroom and was lucky to move into my very own craft room last summer.  Our oldest moved out and we ended up with the space! Yeah me!
It is always nice to have a blank slate to design your craft area or room! But as it is for most of us we started buying or acquiring things before we made a plan. If you are happy with what you have right now…STOP and come back in a few days for a different post. If you want some ideas or tips keep reading!
Now if you are working with a small space like a closet or just a spot in a room I can recommend a few things. First go tall. Use up the space you have with shelving units, stackables, or cube units. Then I would purchase a folding table or cart for actually doing your work on. It's nice with a fold-a-way- style because when you are done for the day you can put it away. Some of the craft carts are nice because a lot of times they have storage built right in! Storage is needed, but a good work area is a must.
Here are some pictures of what I started with….

I put 2 different bookcases and a stackable drawer onto the top of a folding table.         

This was after I got my cabinet from For-Keeps and got my desk from Target. The For-Keeps has a counter that pulls out of the bottom section.

Shelving units can be the wall mounted with brackets or book cases stacked, but the wall mounted would be less expensive. (I bought the 16” wide shelves as well as the standard size) I like these because you can put as much space as you need between them and you can mount those brackets floor to ceiling! Gives you a lot of space!

Here is a picture of part of my wall shelves. I like the fact if I want to change them I can!

Stackables, depending on what you are using can get expensive, especially if you go wood. I bought my cabinet (which you see above and later) at They carry several items that you can put together to make the area you want.  Here are some other sites you can check out…  and . Some of these can get expensive but they will last forever!
Cubes, cubes and more cubes. I love mine. I bought mine at Target, on sale for half off.  But what I like about them is you can build it how you want it. I do not recommend using the long shelf as a desk though. It’s just not that sturdy for cutting and it’s not that wide. It’s great as a shelf in the unit though. Also I had bought the round, corner cube and don’t really like it. It doesn’t hold my books the way I wanted…so I put my 2 scrapbooking cases there.
You can see the 2 cases there on the left. The drawers are great to have...more on that later.

In my so humble opinion a desk is a must have! Your computer has to have a home! LOL Nice thing is you can find a decent desk at reasonable prices. AND a desk usually has drawers or shelves…another spot to put stuff! You can always build your own…depending on how handy you or your spouse is. Mine can do stuff like that but getting him to do it is another thing! LOL So think about what you would use the most and get to it!
Now if you have a whole room to design you can get crazy! Well depending on your budget. If I could do my room all over I would add more peg board! It’s really inexpensive, but very versatile. Of course you have your regular hooks, but you can add baskets, bins, or buckets. AND you can design it as you want and change it anytime you want to. I found a board at Lowes for my mom for $3.00 and it was 2’ x 8’. Like I said I would have added more if I would have thought about it.
The wall mounted shelves, the cubes, and stackables are also good when designing a room.  I recommend making a diagram of your room using graph paper and make miniature examples of what you want to put in the room. This way you can move stuff around without the weight! And you can buy only what you really want knowing it will fit.
The best thing that I purchased for my room was a table. I bought a black one from Target that has 2 36” bookcases on each end and a table top that sets right on top of the two cases. It is 51” long by 38” wide. And it is counter height! I love being able to stand or sit as I want. Fits great in the center of the room!
Here are some pictures:

I have my copics, stickles, cuttlebug and a desktop organizer on top and still have plenty of room to work. I have storage drawers and my folders of my printed digis as well as some paper stored under the table. On each side I store paper, photo boxes (filled with all kinds of stuff), sew mini, and books.

There are more out on the market that are about the same as what I paid and some even a little less. Here are some sites I found:  they carry Venture and Coastline for Spartan you can also check Sears. All else fails by 2 shelving units you like and make a table top.
Ok enough about rooms. Next post will be about getting the area organized after you have it designed.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anything Goes Challenge!

Happy New Year! I always want to say Happy Birthday...from Frosty? Don't know why but that always pops into my head! Hope you are having a great start to 2011! And to make one lucky person's year start with a bang...the winner of the SMILE CHALLENGE is....


Anyway...on to why I am making this post. We are having a new challenge at Guylou's Inimitability. It is  anything goes. So you can really play around with this one. No specific sketch to follow or color to keep to. So go crazy with it. Here's what to do:

You need to enter a newly made card to your online blog or gallery. You need to have enjoyed yourself while making said card. That should be a given! LOL

Now for the way to win:    (some things have changed)

  • You can enter any project as anything goes and it will count for one entry.
  • If your project includes a Guylou's Inimitabiltiy digistamp, it will count for two entries.
  • If your project includes the feature digistamp "Angela", it will count for three entries. 

If you don’t have a GI image, you can visit Guylou's Inimitability Store or you can have a look for a freebie in our group on Crafters Digital Art Center!
And for what you can win:
  • A digistamp of your choice from Guylou's Inimitability Store 
  • Achance to be a guest designer on an upcoming challenge
  • With being a guest designer you get another GI digistamp to make a card or project with the DT
 Here is the card I made with "Angela" and don't forget to check out all the other DT's blogs for their projects to help inspire you!

I colored the background with copics but I used gel pens for Angela's dress and scooter. I then painted the whole background with smooch spritz to make it shimmer!

Just to help you get to know Angela, she is a well traveled young lady who loves adventure and discovering new places so I sent her to the big city to see what she could find!

Here are the other Design Team members blogs:


Leave a link to your card here Guylou’s Inimitability Blog in the linky widget. Be sure to add the link to your entry and not your whole blog as this makes it much easier on the team to find your creations.
The challenge will start today January 7th and will continue until January 20th at 10pm. This is EST. 

Looking forward to seeing your creations!