Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just A New Post

I have been MIA lately...been a little depressed. For those of you that know me know my daughter left last October to move in with her father. We haven't seen each other since January when I went to see her in the hospital and she basically dissed me. Found out she is calling her step mother "MOM" and it hurt me bad. Anyway yesterday was her birthday...14 years ago I spent 21 hours in labor to delivery that adorable little girl.
She was a good baby. Hardly cried in the hospital saved that up for home! LOL
Here's the card that I made for her B-Day! I think it turned out pretty good!
OK don't know why this won't go the right way but there is a close up...I messed up and saved my changes instead of saving as is. And on the computer it is showing upright! Me and my computer issues! LOL I messed up on the poem and in the last paragraph I missed the e in precious! Here's the inside...did the sideways thing too! HMMM Oh well. The inside piece of paper is what the whole card looked like with the Kenny K image on top of the diamond cut paper.

I used SMOOCH on the guitar and clear smooch on the hair, top and pants to make it shimmer. I colored with COPICS but can't tell you the colors I use. I start out soooo well with writing them down then by the time I am satisfied the pens are back in their cubbie! On a great note Jenna called me and will be spending a couple of nights at home next week. She will be surprised at her room because I stole one of her shelving units for my room!


Guylou said...

Kim! My heart goes to you! As a mother, I totally sympathize with you. My daughter moved back with her dad too and it hurt me a lot too. My daughter is older than yours, but as you know, they will always remain our little girl no matter the age. I will keep you and your daughter in prayers. I hope those couple of days will be wonderful and a time of healing for you. Sending you lots and lots of hugs!

Guylou said...

Forgot to say that the card totally rocks!!! Love the design and the colours!!! Wow!

THERESA said...

Hi Kim, my heart really bleeds for you and i hope that the few days spent with her, will be soo good!!
Your card is super stunning, love the glitter and colors!!
lotsa luv

PresentStorm said...

Kim honey I am sorry :( I hope her time there is a time of laughing, fun, healing and making memories. I am sure she loves you.. there is no stronger bond then that of a mother and child.. no matter what. Teens just have a funny way of showing it. * hugs* girl!

PresentStorm said...

I meant to say GREAT card! I love the clear shimmery smooch you used.