Friday, January 31, 2014

Card Makin Mamas Craft Room Hop

And welcome to my little craft room!
Or should I say rooms!
I am lucky enough to have 2!

Today we are having a Card Makin Mamas Craft Room Hop
to show off all of the DT's creative spaces!
You can find the link to the others at the bottom of my post!

When both of my boys moved out...
I took over...
The doorway into the front room...

This room is where my computer and printers are...

The printers are in the closet!

This is taken from the table can be folded up 
and shoved to the side if I need to.
I have tables along the back wall, stamp cabinet next to my hutch style desk,
a desk that holds my Ellison, guillotine and sizzix machine.

Some shelves as well as my 49er collection! :)
This room is where I do most of my mixed media stuff!
I left the paint from my daughter...I moved her into the room next door!

Now for my other room

This room is where I first moved into once
Brandon left...

From the door...Honestly this is my favorite item
I ever craft table. It is two 36" book shelves
with a table top added.
  This is taken from the closet...
This is from where I would sit while making cards...
I have two peg boards in the corner
And paper in the closet...

 You can see the lonely copic in my holder...
All of my copics are actually down stairs at the couch
because I will color a lot while sitting watching TV.
When you get in the mood to just gotta color!


Лілюська-Lilia said...

Awesome room! You have so much paper! Wow! And the whole room is wow!!

Nikki C said...

Umm WOW that's a ton of paper you own must be fun going thru it all to make something :)

Angi MakingMayhem said...

I agree...great desk! Do you ever have to go to the store? :) What fun rooms you have, Kim!

Gail said...

I am a paper junkie. I know it, my husband knows it and anyone who comes over finds out right away that I love paper. I also love flowers which I ended up dividing by color in large clear paint cans....oh, and rhinestones and jewels that I had divide up by "warm" and "cool" colors. Oh, and lace, that I had to divide by white, cream, warm colors and cool colors. Let's not forget ribbon which my husband had to make me a ribbon holder, that's 8 rows and about 4 feet long in the closet and it's organized by color. Yeah....I like you have a ton of stuff but are pretty me. I even take time every so often to donate to "cleaning up and reorganizing" like yesterday. Six hours to just re-do some organization...and it made me feel good. So after work tonight I get to go in there and pick a Valentine image out and make a card...and my table is clean and ready to go. :) I love your room, though, and being surrounded by your papers and supplies is so comforting, isn't it?! :) Hugs, Gail

Faith A said...

WOW WOW what a room, jealous me? nah! I just want one too LOL.

Thanks ever so much for your lovley comment on my card