Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If anyone has found a little mojo running around; I swear it's mine! I have been working here and there in my craft room but everything is slow going. I even have been putting together cards without an image or idea of type of card (i.e. b-day, anniversary,thinking of you etc...) but I have hit a big wall. I have tried to crawl over it and tried to dig under it but nada, nothing, zippo I'm stuck. I think it's this rut I'm in. Anyway I really hope that you have your mojo and you have a happy day. I am going to go find my longer shovel and see if I can dig out of this rut. HMMMM I wonder if superman is around he can dig a lot faster than me! And if you see tha mojo tell her she's in trouble and better get home soon! Love to you all!


Guylou said...

Has your mojo come back? I hope it did! :)

Trina said...

What a cute post! I hope your mojo finds her way home quickly!

PresentStorm said...

mine was missing for like a week but it showed up a little weak but in I will send yours your way if I see it roaming? lol