Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Luck Jenna!

Today is the first day of school for my wonderful darling daughter Jenna! Better known as my brattttttt! LOL She was a bit nervous when she left this morning, with Dave, to head off to Tanque Verde High School. Yup she is a freshman! Jenna, as far as she knows, only knows her step brother Tyler. I am not sure how to explain about TVHS, it is not a charter school but it is in it's own district. And we are technically not in that district but you can drive your kid there if you are accepted. Because of Tyler we were able to get her in even though open enrollment closed in April!

Any way here is my daughter getting ready for the first day of school!

I added highlights to her hair on Sunday...ended up more like I colored it! I think it turned out pretty good though. One of her friends had colored it real dark before so this evened it out!

I really love her shoes...they are Converse that have torn newspaper strips. Looks a little like zebra stripes to me! LOL And of course the holey jeans...hopefully they are ok to wear to school.


Sara I. said...

She is GORJUSS!!! Lookin' awesome in those Chuck's!! Tell her all of us from Jersey are wishing her a fabulous first day and best of luck!!

Starla B. said...

Beautiful! Yay for the first day of school, hope it is fabulous!!

THERESA said...

Such a beauty, just like her mom!!!
I am sure she will be fine, love the shoes/jeans......... all the rave even
lotsa luv

Regan said...

First day of school?!?! Isn't it only the beginning of August? We never went back to school until after Labor Day! Goes to show you how old I am! lol She's lovely, Kim! I hope she had a wonderful first day!

Guylou said...

She is soooo beautiful! I hope you sent her to an all girl school or will have issues with boys fo sho!! LOL!!