Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Guylou's Inimitability is having a sale starting Dec 26th!
Yes that's right...A SALE!

I have seen "Boxing Day" on my calendar for years but
never knew what it meant. With having so many new friends
that are from Canada I figured I better learn!
Boxing Day was traditionally known as the day to open the Christmas Box
to share it's contents with the poor. The actual box was a wooden or clay
box where people would place gifts. Over the many years
these boxes were used in many different ways:
An Alms box that was placed in church on Christmas day

A box that was put on every ship...put there by a priest and
the crewmen would put money in it to ensure a safe was sealed and
only if the ship came home safely, it was given to the priest for saying Mass over the voyage...
the box was saved for Christmas and opened for the poor

As a present to workers...many workers had to work on Christmas day and
took the 26th off for family time...upon leaving for the day
on the 25th owners would pass out boxes. Land owners
would even box up left overs and put them in the boxes for the laborers.

Today people still carry on this passing out
tips or bonuses to people like the mailman, paperboy, gardeners etc..

You learn something new everyday!
Thank you for spending time reading my blog!
Enjoy the sale at GI!!!

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