Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Craft Room NOW!

Ok...I went with teal on 2 wals and a teal funky finish on the other 2 walls. I took the closet doors off and took the clothes rods out. Half of the closet all ready had shelves and the other half has a middle shelf. We thought about going hardwood but it was a little more than we wanted to spend. Soooo I bought shelves (Lowes) for one side and a tall table (Target) with the ends that are book shelves. The rest of the stuff is just odds and ends that I have gotten over the years!

First picture with my little Zilla there is taken from the doorway, the second is doorway turned toward the right and there is the closet! In the first picture you can see the side of my table!

Taking you for a walk through my room! This is the wall straight ahead! I have my ink pads, ribbons, flowers, albums, and across the top I have cases that are all labeled with various stuff in them. Like wedding, dogs, etc... Across the bottom of the wall I have my stamp cabinet, and different little cubbies. OH and my color cubbies for my copics! Got them for my B-DAY! Here's a close up.

Love this! It was the best money I have ever spent...except for my tall table. LOVE that too! But this is perfect and I can turn around where I sit at the table and BAMB there are my markers!

This is the corner going around the room. This is my desk with my printers to the right, right under the window. The 3 boards (left and right of shelf) are actually peg boards.

Now here is the cabinet closed and open. Yes I know it is self explainitory! HMMM did I spell that right? Oh well. Looks funny! My 12 x 12 papers are in here as well as my 8 x 8 pads of paper. Don't cha just love my giant Mickey Mouse. I got him from Dave and the kids a few years ago at Disney Land.

Hey there are my cubes with my making memories thingy above it. I made my film strip across the top of the wall. It has all my family pictures. It turned out pretty cool.

And then there is my's about 40" tall and has the bookcase on both ends. I have room to spread out or room for another person on the other side. I think I am set with my arranging! Hopefully. Don't think my back can take any more moving!


Guylou said...

Jaw dropping, green with envy, I want it! I want it! Wow!!! Can I come over and play?

PresentStorm said...

Your space ROCKS! I am with G... I want to come over and play