Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some Cards I Have Done!

Let's see if I can get a few of these up here. So much to learn...I want to add stuff about some blogs I like and add some of the "candy" photos for prizes but haven't got there yet. Anyway let's start with the cards...

Here's one of Tabitha from Guylou's Inimitability.         I printed the digi on a patterned piece of paper, then printed on plain white and cut and pasted Tabitha (copic colored) on top. I add a friend saying on the side.

This is Colobine also from GI's. HMMM not sure I spelled that right. I kept this simple so she would stand out as she should!

I did another card with this digi but is not on this computer I guess. 'Cause I can't find it!

Sooo here are at least two cards posted. I will get some other cards together and get them done!

Till we type again! Hugs and Love!


Guylou said...

Beautiful!! You did totally awesome on the pp piecing or piercing! I always enjoy seeing your creations with my digis!! LIMT!

Kim Kelley said...

Thanks G! I am going to post the other cards on here soon.