Tuesday, February 1, 2011

more organizing

Now I have posted about designing a craft room or area and I have posted about some of the organizing items that are out there and now I am going to expand a little bit…
I showed how I store my ribbons in glass jars; some still on the original spool (ones I haven’t opened yet) and some on round headed clothes pins. (see picture below) I will wrap the ribbon and pin the end. I don’t like pinning them but it is the easiest I have found so far…any other ideas feel free to let me know. I also put all of my buttons in a I say jar but most of them are more like vases. Anyway my buttons go in there unless I got them for something specific, then I put them somewhere safe so I don’t use them and then forget where I put them. Gotta love it!

I can't stand that I can't put these pics where I want them! LOL

I bought; for 75% off, this little hanging thing…I think I paid 3.00 and then bought the little jars for like 4. I found it on one of the back isles of Michael's. I have some of my larger brads in the jars.

I have a place where I put all of my scrap paper. I do it by color in hanging folders. I try to check there before I actually make a card or do a project to see if I can use that stuff up. I really recommend this because you either throw away good scraps or you pile it up and never use it. If it is organized (by color & theme) you know right where to go.
As I sit here so many thought s run through my head…did I forget something? (I am sure I did) Did I mention this, that and anything else? Well I can always do another post!


THERESA said...

Girl, you are organized, will have to fly you over here to get mine the, love your post's..........:)))

Dana said...

I just love these ideas!! I too keep my buttons, flowers, etc in big glass jars on my desk. Everything is such an inspiration and I never know when one button or swatch of ribbon is going to take me on a new adventure!! I think I will be borrowing your ribbon storage! I love it!

Guylou said...

Love the idea of the close pins!!! Not only you are all organised, but everything look so pretty!! Awesome job!!

Brenda said...

I love the clothes pins. They look so gorgeous! I also use hanging files for my scraps but usually forget to look there before cutting into new paper! LOL. Love the jars of buttons, just found the most awesome jar for buttons.

Sara I. said...

Thank you so much for sharing these pics - really needed to get some ideas for my craft area, and these are perfect - I always wondered about the paper storage - I think thats what my next investment will be ;) Thanks for the inspiration and clever tips!

PresentStorm said...

Love it all Kim! I especially love the hanging drawers sorted by color for the scraps. Great idea using the clothes pins for ribbons. So cute too!
I have 4 of those hanging things with the little containers myself. I got mine at Target on super Clearance a few years ago. Thanks for sharing!! Keep it coming girl!