Thursday, June 2, 2011

Will There Be A Change?

Kind of a weird title, I know. But it is what I am asking myself. I just bought and received a new line of products for my skin. It is supposed to make your skin healthier, younger and all around better. I have always taken pretty good care of my skin but never really focused on age, wrinkles or anything along that line BUT I am ready to turn 40 in September and figure I had better start thinking.
I was a smoker until I became pregnant in 1996 and at the same time found out my dad had lung cancer. Needless to say I never picked the bad habit up again. Because I quit when I was still in my 20's I think that helped with the "crows feet" and mouth lines for the most part. I am also one of those lucky women who still get "pimples". I have tried Pro-Active and it does ok but not to the degree that the commercials claim.
Anyway when I went to the "Girls Night Out" a few months back I found this line of products called L'Bri and finally decided to try them out. I received my package yesterday and am planning to start the regime tomorrow I took a picture this morning after my shower..clean face and no show the before picture. Hopefully I will remember to take a picture every few weeks to see if there is a difference. This picture is horrible..never realized my nose was eyebrows need plucked (next Tuesday appt)...and the wrinkles aren't as prominent as in person. Here is the picture...don't scream!

There are wrinkles at my eyes and a few at my mouth..but I really want to see if it will improve my texture, pimples, and overall smoothness. Fingers crossed.


THERESA said...

What a sweet face to finally see up close, you are still a young chicka........:))
Will hold thumbs that you get the result you are looking for!! To me you are already beautiful.

Sara I. said...

You are too cute Kim!!! I don't see a crooked nose and/or any wrinkles on that face!!! You look amazing for almost 40!!! Hope that you like the product and it works for you!

Brenda said...

Too funny Kim. I see no wrinkles or pimples!! Puleez!!! You are beautiful and have beautiful skin!!
hugs, Bren