Friday, February 24, 2012

My Mother In Laws Book!

OK I finally finished the scripture book.
I am definitely happier with this one.
This is a long post...I have several pictures.
For the first book I used heavy duty chipboard, it was about 1/16th,
and was a little warped a bit.
So I searched and searched the web to find 1/8" thick board.
I finally found it at Hollander's.
Bought the glue there too.

I took a photo so you can see how I laid the board out with the paper..

I added a Tim Holtz key hole on the spine.
Most of the scriptures were printed on acetate...I liked the shadow effect.
This one I printed direct because I wanted white print and my laser wouldn't do it.

I printed pictures front and back then taped the acetate on both sides
with washi tape. I used 2 different colors to have some contrast.
The picture of the church is where my in laws got married...the sunsets
are either from my back yard or from Wells Beach, Maine.
The tree picture is from a cabin in Vermont.

I made the shadow boxes by cutting the 4 sides and scrunching them together then gluing...
Like my colorful clips?? :)
Then I glued the shadow box to the back cover...after placing the ribbon.

I used the mountain/valley folded paper to glue each page together
to be able to open like a regular book...then glued them onto the top of the shadow box.

I did the front shadow box the same way as the back..

Then I decorated the cover!

I used my die 7 from Spellbinders to make it like a book/bible on the front...
added ribbon, flowers, pearls and a key.
I got my ideas from several sources...
First there is a "company" that you can find their videos on youtube...
I used the basics from this video;
It is called a drop spine box.
Then just put it together the way it worked for me.
Sorry for such a long post! :)


Trina said...

What an awesome gift! She will absolutely love this!

Robin said...

I just found this Kim. I didn't know you had finished. I love it. I'm sure your mother-in-law loves it as well. It is just breath taking. Thanks for sharing. I may have to do one for me too.