Sunday, February 26, 2012

OK I am such a horrible person...I actually have gotten this from two, count them two special people
and I am finally accepting and posting (sorry TEE)!
Theresa Gerber from gave me this last week!
Theresa is a super sweet person and a great friend!
And today I got this award from Robin at
Robin, I just met through Sassy Studio Designs...she has been our guest designer
and I am finding out that she is also a super sweet I would like to call friend!
So thank you, to both of these wonderful women!

The LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD is used to show appreciation of smaller blogs (under 200 followers) and to help spread readership and joy.
As part of the tradition, the award is to be passed along to five other blogs that have motivated and inspired me.
It comes from the German meaning Dearest or Beloved, but can also mean Favorite.

To accept the Award you must:
1. Link back to the person's blog who gave it to you, and thank them.
2. Post on your blog.
3. Give to five other Bloggers who you appreciate and value.
4. Leave a comment on the five blogs you choose and let them know.
Now because I have received this twice I feel it is only fair to pick 10...
rather than the normal here it goes:
I chose these ladies because they are not only talented but special in their own right!


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Thanks Kim I really appreciate it but I've already gotten this award from several people.

Regan said...

Thanks, Kim! I accept, and you've been mentioned on my blog as a giver and a recipient. :)

Tracy S said...

thank you so much. Tee gave me one too and I have yet to post it either... we are both bad I hope to get to it soon! Thank you for thinking of me ;)

Gina L said...

Aw, thanks for thinking of me. I'll try to get a post up on my blog within the next few days!

Kathy said...

Thanks so much Kim! I'll get the post up soon. Thanks for thinking of me.

Ruza's Craft Corner said...

Thank you Kim! I will get the post up this week! Been a bit crazy here. Now I need to see who I pass this on to! ;o)