Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paint Box Project 1 Jan 8th

Painting On Silk!

Material list:

Silk fabric
Fabric support (emb hoop etc..)
Fluid acrylic paint
Golden's Specialty Acrylic Polymer GAC 900
Palette Knife
Golden's Acrylic Flow Release (optional)

Secure the silk (makes it easier to paint), dilute the paint with 1:1 with the GAC.
After reading a bit about painting on silk I went 1:2 with the GAC.
The GAC is supposed to allow the material to be softer.
Once you paint on the silk you need to heat set it.

If you want to control the bleeding more you can use the
acrylic flow release...I looked into this but
here was more chance of things to go wrong.

OK so I decided that I need to do things my way...
so I sparyed and spritz rather than actually painting.
I made 2 shawls or scarfs using 2 different
types of silk and 2 different colors of paint.
I used black and silver for my colors....

 There really isn't brown on it...not sure why the camera did that!

I have one more thing I am going to do...
I am going to seal rather than sew the edges, with a glue
made for fabrics. We'll see how that does!
I could have used a bit more GAC I think...
cause it is a bit stiff here and there.
But overall I am happy!


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Shelby said...

Cool idea and thanks for the tut!