Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get Well Soon Kendra!

My beautiful niece Kendra is a very special young lady. She was born with arthrogryposis. Yeah ain't that a mouth full! It is a big word that covers a lot of anomalies. She had club feet, scoliosis, decreased muscle tone, and contracted joints. It is a hell of a lot for one kid and one family to deal with. My step sister Tonya and her husband Kenny did everything you are supposed to; no drinking, stopped smoking, watched what they ate and still Kendra came into this world with this disease looming over her. This was their second child and was in no way expecting this.

We were told that Kendra would not walk without a walker if at all until she was at least 10 and I have to say that she beat that statistic. She danced at my wedding when she was 3…she had braces on her legs but she just kept going!

Kendra is now almost 10 and just had another surgery on the 17th of this month. She has had so many surgeries I can't keep them straight. She is awake and talking and is doing pretty good. She will be going home probably the 20th. The bad part besides the surgeries is that they have to go from Naples, Florida to the Shriners Hospital in Tampa…about 2 and half hours' drive. BUT this hospital is amazing! They do all of the surgeries at no cost and even have housing while you are waiting for your child to recuperate. I never realized what the Shriners did until Kendra came into our lives.

Tonya and Kenny have done wonders with her as well as the therapy she goes through and the weekly trips to the Naples Equestrian Challenge. She has a horse named "Dottie" that has become a special friend to her but also has helped her with balance and strength in her legs.

Kendra is one special girl, who is strong and determined! Can be sassy too! Becca, her sister has been a great help to family and is so special in her way! I love them both so much! And am so glad that Kendra's surgery went well!

Here is the card I made for her: (a few pictures too!)

She has made me realize that God gives us what He thinks we can handle and what He thinks we need to learn to handle.

Above is at my wedding in 2004
And this one was just the other day before her surgery!


Sara I. said...

Awwww...She is sooo beautiful Kim!!! It is amazing how as parents we take for granted the health of our children!!! Thats wonderful news that her surgery went well and hopefully this adorable card will bring her some comfort during the healing process! The image is too, too cute and you've done a wonderful job with all that faux stitching!! Fabulous design, too!! I'm sure she'll love it!

Brenda said...

What a little darling she is!! I am so glad that her surgery went well. Your card is darling and I know that she will love it!Fabulously designed and colored!! Plus, gosh aren't you gorgeous!!!
hugs, Bren

PresentStorm said...

She is adorable and WOWSA you were a hot bride... check you out! Love the look of your dress from just the part I can see.

Love the card you made her. Glad the surgery went well and that she is doing good. What a brave little girl to be able to go through all she has. Prayers for her and your family.