Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister!

Hey all of you wonderful bloggers out there in cyber land! I wanted to show you a card that I made for my sister, Kris. But first I will give you a bit of background information…

My sister is my best friend. We grew up as typical siblings do; fight, fight, fight but as we both grew in to wives and mothers things started to change. We saw each other as people rather than her seeing me as the tagalong, bratty little sister or me seeing her as the bossy know-it-all. (and yes we were both those things). There were four of us Kranz children…Kevin, 2 years later Keith, 5 years later Kris then me 3 years. Our parents divorced when I was 6 and life as we knew it changed. My sister went back and forth to my dad's while I stayed with our mom. My brothers were old enough that I never saw them! Anyway Kris and I finally became more than sisters, we became best friends.

We both divorced at the same time and I think that brought us even closer. And of course both of us have kids. The hardest part is we are so far away from each other. She lives in Florida and I live way out here in Arizona! We have been lucky that we have been able to visit each other as often as we do. But I miss her every day! She is single with 2 wonderful kids…well one is 21 and the other is 20…so I guess kids is the wrong word! LOL She is a strong beautiful person and I am so proud of her and the life that she has built.

Here are some pictures of us as well as a picture of the card I made her.

Kris and I with our grandma
on Tiger Tail beach
Marco Island, Fl
This was in 1974

This is Kris and I at
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Fl
This was in 1977

This was taken at my wedding
November 26, 2004
She was may matron of honor 
(for the second time)

Happy Birthday Kris!
I love you!

I used the Beach Babies from E.Bell (not sure of the correct name)..the papers are from well can't remember the name but it is from a kit! LOL The flowers are prima roses and the rhinestones are from my stash!

Hope you like it! HUGS


THERESA said...

That was so lovely to read, wish i had a sister, so ........Happy B/Day Kris!!!
Both of you are such beautiful ladies and stunning card, does look like you too,lol, LUG

Sara I. said...

I love your post ...loved reading all about you and your sister and seeing all the old photos!!! I think I had the same striped shirt, btw ;) Your card is fabulous! Love the roses and the gorgeous bling - the image is soooo sweet and I think it's perfect!! Love the design and your coloring. Happy Birthday to your sister - I'm sure she'll love this!!

Gina L said...

Kim, this card is precious. I love the colors and this image is divine, not to mention perfect for the sister theme. I loved reading about your relationship with your sis. Happy Birthday to her!

Brenda said...

Aw Kim, this is gorgeous! Love your story and seeing the pics. I understand as my twin sis lives in Alberta and I in Oregon. Too far away and yet best of friends!