Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am ready to scream!

Ever have one of those weeks where you want to kill everyone that looks at you wrong??? Come on I know you have. For me it is this week. AND IT"S ONLY WEDNESDAY!!! My laptop....that I keep at driving me nuts! It will get AOL to work and then it freezes and mozilla, I'm lucky if it even comes on! So I got my net book back from my daughter and I am posting! I have about 10 cards I have finished and need to start getting them uploaded so over the next few days you will be seeing what I have been up to the last week! HUGS!!!!


Donna Moore said...

Deep breath! Sorry for all your frustration, came over to view your goodies, I see you have been having the proverbial computer issues that seem to attack at the most inopportune times! I will check back later, keep taking those deep breaths!!! *sigh*

Regan said...

Isn't technology lovely sometimes?! :) That was me with my Internet issues I was having. I was ready to throw the #?*!in' laptop out my 3rd story window! Then I downloaded a Windows update and all has been well since (knock on wood)! I have other frustrations this week and sadly no update will fix him! Lol Thank goodness for my small man & his smiles and snuggles! :) Hope your week gets better! Tomorrow is Friday at least! Hang in there!