Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No card..but I have a story!

Yesterday was my big 4-0 last week Dave told me to think of where I wanted to go for dinner...well I have been in the mood for steak so we decided to try this new restaurant called the Bone In. I ate like nothing at all yesterday anticipating a delicious meal! Dave made reservations for 6 at 6, hoping that Tyler, our middle kid would be able to get out of football practice early enough to make it! Since I was off yesterday I was ready and waiting...Jenna was home and ready...Dave was picking my mom up on his way home from work...Tyler called and was on his way...and Brandon called and was going to have to meet us there! I was thrilled! The whole family together...the first time in a LONG time.

OK so Brandon swings by the house on his way and since we were still there we all pile into my vehicle and off we go! We get to the restaurant and OMG the BBQ smell was mouth watering...I was starting to salivate it smelled so good. I get out and go to walk around the back of the vehicle and what do I see???? I tarantula! Yes a HUGE tarantula! Like a dinner plate! OK so it wasn't that huge, but when you hate spiders the way I do, it looked that big. So I casually walk around and walk inside.

We get seated, order drinks and some appetizers and we are all talking...Brandon has applied for the Police Department and had an interview yesterday...and finally we decided we were ready to order. The waitress comes over and starts to take my order and CRASH....BAM...SIZZLE...lightning and thunder all over and ZZZTTTT the lights go out! Because no electricity the fans and exhaust are not working and within a few minutes the place is smoked out. Good smelling smoke mind you, but smoke none the less! So we figure we need to go. It is pouring, the street is starting to flood and no lights anywhere. The place is a ways out so there are no street lights anyway but all of the houses are dark. Some of the traffic lights were out and at one spot the fire department had a street blocked because of downed power lines! Luckily as we drove by our neighborhood all the lights were on. And lo and behold the lights of Village Inn were all ablaze! So we all sit and had a wonderful birthday breakfast! It wasn't steak or prime rib but it was good all the same! Best part the whole family was together and we had fun! Thanks for taking the time to read all about my dinner escapades! HUGS!!!


Trina said...

I LOVE breakfast for dinner, but after drooling for bbq, I'm not sure it would have hit the spot! Glad everyone could get together for your bday! Hope this 40th year is amazing!

Brenda said...

My goodness Kim. At least you will always remember your 40th birthday. I probably wouldn't have gotten past the tarantula!!!!

Sara I. said...

LOL, doesn't that figure?!?! So happy that you ended up closing out your night on a good note and you got to enjoy the fam all together!! Happy Birthday again, dear friend! Hoping this is your best year yet! ~hugs

THERESA said...

Oh my word, slap me hard,lol, Happy belated B/Day, wishing you a super year ahead!!!
Shame and after you have drooled so much, but at least all together had breakfast,ROFL, look after yourself and LUG